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Zero Fee Tuition Program

Helping local learners achieve their academic goals.
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"When I found out about this program,

my whole world changed."

Our simple formula for success

Getting a post-secondary education can be costly, and most institutions tend to be in major urban centres. This is not an ideal situation for community members who want to embark upon — or continue — a path of learning.

The Town of Drayton Valley's Zero Fee Tuition Program partners with respected institutions to provide sought-after  avenues of learning right here in the community. What's more, the program covers up to $5,000 in tuition for local students who qualify.

"The most important thing for our community is to take care of each other."

Drayton Valley Councillor Amila Gammana has been a strong advocate for the Zero Fee Tuition Program since its inception. 

Councillor Gammana shares his thoughts on community building, economic diversification, and realizing the full potential of this unique, made-in-Drayton initiative.

Wonder if you qualify? Curious about the courses?

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Pick a Program

Explore your options at one of the post-secondary institutions we've partnered with. Some courses are provided via remote learning, and others are taught at the Clean Energy Technology Centre here in town.

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Do the Homework

Make sure you fit the application threshold, then complete your Zero Fee Tuition Program application. Show all the funding sources available to you, and explain how the program will affect your circumstances.


The Criteria


Complete Your Course

Funding is contingent upon your successful completion of the program you've chosen. If you don't finish, you may be obligated to pay back some or all of the Zero Fee Tuition Program funding you've been granted.

The Policy

What are you waiting for?

Grab your gifted tuition, get your education on track, and grow the career you deserve.

Sponsorship Opportunities

By partnering with local industry stakeholders, we seek to ease reliance on taxpayer dollars and ensure the long-term viability of the Zero Fee Tuition Program. Such financial partnerships are critical, and they also help us tailor educational programming to the evolving needs and priorities of  the business community.

Through their ongoing support of this unique community catalyst, our industry partners demonstrate their commitment to building a robust and resilient Drayton Valley while reaping the direct benefits of talent retention, labour pool development, corporate goodwill, tax advantages and more.

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The Zero Fee Tuition Program facilitates local post-secondary learning opportunities for residents of the Town of Drayton Valley. The Town reserves the right to periodically evaluate the program and its funding criteria. Operation of the Zero Fee Tuition Program is subject to the availability of funding.
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