Enrolment thresholds and applicant responsibilities

A Social Investment that Pays Dividends

Leverage the Town of Drayton Valley's Zero Fee Tuition Program to pursue one of a hundred vocational opportunities ranging from arts and humanities to business and tech-based programming. As you take your first steps along this path to post-secondary education, review the eligibility threshold and applicant responsibilities on this page.

In partnership with esteemed institutions like Campus Alberta Central, the Health Care Aide Academy, Northern Lakes College, the University of Calgary, and the University of Alberta Online & Continuing Education, the Zero Fee Tuition Program creates opportunities for local students and mature learners to follow new career paths, upgrade skill sets to advance in their current jobs, or re-skill to adapt to economic shifts.

The Town of Drayton Valley invests in local education because of the multitude of dividends it pays. As our program continues to evolve in tandem with industry and academic partnership, its value will resonate in kind across families, existing and prospective businesses, and valued industry leaders alike.

Review the Criteria of Your Program of Choice

Each prospective program will come with its own set of requirements for enrolment. Do your research to ensure you've got the grades, credits or credentials needed for acceptance into your field of study.

Get Accepted Into Your Program

Before you become a bona fide member of the Zero Fee Tuition Program, you must first be accepted into one of the authorized certificate, diploma or degree programs offered by our partner institutions. Think of it as two different layers:

  • Acceptance into your program of choice; and
  • Approval of your Zero Fee Tuition Program application.

Accepted Documents

Learn more about the programs offered by our partner institutions:

Just three

simple eligibility requirements

to participating in the program

  • Be a Town of Drayton Valley resident*
  • Enrol in one of the partner institutions
  • Successfully complete your program
* While funding priority is given to residents, applicants residing outside of Drayton Valley may also be eligible for funding.

Draytonites Get Dibs

The Zero Fee Tuition Program is designed to help local students and adult learners remain in the community while acquiring post-secondary accreditation. If your primary residence is here in Drayton Valley, this program applies to you! 

Show Proof of Residency

To be eligible for tuition funding consideration, applicants must prove their residence at an address located in the Town of Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada. This proof of residency requirement will be confirmed through Driver’s License or other valid government issued ID, such as a passport. Other proof of residency documentation could include a current lease agreement or utility bill.

Accepted Documents

When you apply, provide a copy of one of the following documents:

  • Valid driver's licence
  • Passport
  • Current lease or utility bill

While funding priority will be given to residents, applicants residing outside of the Town of Drayton Valley may be eligible for funding for post-secondary programs/ courses that include an in-person component at the CETC or other training facility within the Town of Drayton Valley.

Show Us Your Sheepskin

When you finish your studies, you have 60 days to submit a copy of your transcript, certificate, or letter from your post-secondary institution. Otherwise, you may need to reimburse the Town of Drayton Valley.

Finish What You Started

The Zero Fee Tuition Program can cover up to $5,000 in your tuition costs, but it can also claw some or all of it back if you don't complete the course being funded. The Town of Drayton Valley may demand reimbursement if your enrolment is revoked due to misconduct, or if you voluntarily withdraw from the program. Review the Town's Policy A-01-21 for the official requirements and responsibilities of the Zero Fee Tuition Program.

Applicant Resources

Download and review the following PDF documents:

Student Success Story

Joshua always had a passion for mechanics. Realizing his natural aptitude at a young age, he enrolled in the Dual Credit Power Engineering program at Northern Lakes College. The Dual Credit program allows high school students to take college-level training while also gaining the credits needed for an Alberta High School Diploma.
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"The instruc­tors and the class mate­ri­als were great. I par­tic­u­lar­ly enjoyed inter­act­ing with a diverse group of indi­vid­u­als from so many work industries."

Occu­pa­tion­al Health & Safe­ty Certificate StudentOccu­pa­tion­al Health & Safe­ty Certificate StudentUniversity of Alberta

"I gained experience as a student leader, helping to build my confidence in conflict resolution, seeing the bigger picture and finding innovative solutions, important aspects of my nursing practice."

Bachelor of Nursing StudentBachelor of Nursing StudentUniversity of Calgary

"The greatest benefit for me was the confidence I gained in starting a successful business out of nothing. I now know how to approach potential customers."

Business Administration StudentBusiness Administration StudentNorthern Lakes College

"The other students and I were really interactive, responding to posts and collaborating on projects online."

Dual Credit Program StudentDual Credit Program StudentNorthern Lakes College

"The instruc­tors and the class mate­ri­als were great. I par­tic­u­lar­ly enjoyed inter­act­ing with a diverse group of indi­vid­u­als from so many work industries."

Human Resource Management Certificate StudentHuman Resource Management Certificate StudentUniversity of Alberta

"I real­ly enjoyed the flex­i­bil­i­ty to work and study at the same time. The evening class­es helped a lot."

Construction Management and Administration StudentConstruction Management and Administration StudentUniversity of Alberta

Discover how to make the most of the Zero Fee Tuition Program

Sponsorship Opportunities

By partnering with local industry stakeholders, we seek to ease reliance on taxpayer dollars and ensure the long-term viability of the Zero Fee Tuition Program. Such financial partnerships are critical, and they also help us tailor educational programming to the evolving needs and priorities of  the business community.

Through their ongoing support of this unique community catalyst, our industry partners demonstrate their commitment to building a robust and resilient Drayton Valley while reaping the direct benefits of talent retention, labour pool development, corporate goodwill, tax advantages and more.

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The Zero Fee Tuition Program facilitates local post-secondary learning opportunities for residents of the Town of Drayton Valley. The Town reserves the right to periodically evaluate the program and its funding criteria. Operation of the Zero Fee Tuition Program is subject to the availability of funding.
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