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Whether you're a prospective student, post-secondary stakeholder or local industry leader, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us at zerofee@draytonvalley.ca or 780.514.2200 and let’s make a difference for our future together.

The Zero Fee Tuition Program's administrative team works at the Town of Drayton Valley's Clean Energy Technology Centre (commonly known as the CETC). 

5400 22 Avenue, Box 6837
Drayton Valley, Alberta T7A 1A1

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World Class

avenues of education here at home

The world is changing, and the town of Drayton Valley is responding to this change. With our Zero Fee Tuition program, we seek to nurture a new generation of students here at home. With programming ranging from art & design to engineering, many compelling avenues of learning await. 

Join us in creating an even brighter future for the education seekers, business owners and community members of Drayton Valley.

Health Care Aide Program

The first semester for the popular 8-month Health Care Aide Program starts Oct. 24. Don't delay, sign up today!

Sponsorship Opportunities

By partnering with local industry stakeholders, we seek to ease reliance on taxpayer dollars and ensure the long-term viability of the Zero Fee Tuition Program. Such financial partnerships are critical, and they also help us tailor educational programming to the evolving needs and priorities of  the business community.

Through their ongoing support of this unique community catalyst, our industry partners demonstrate their commitment to building a robust and resilient Drayton Valley while reaping the direct benefits of talent retention, labour pool development, corporate goodwill, tax advantages and more.

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The Zero Fee Tuition Program facilitates local post-secondary learning opportunities for residents of the Town of Drayton Valley. The Town reserves the right to periodically evaluate the program and its funding criteria. Operation of the Zero Fee Tuition Program is subject to the availability of funding.
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