Why wasn’t my cart picked up on collection day?

As per the Town of Drayton Valley’s Waste Management Bylaw

Tote cart collection service will not be provided if:

  • the container is not a proper container supplied by the Town
  • Lids on the cart are not closed and material is overflowing
  • there is loose material not placed in the cart, or materials are placed beside or in front of the cart
  • the cart is obstructed or improperly placed
  • the cart contains restricted or prohibited materials

Tips to ensure that your waste is collected

Preparation of Waste Matter for Collection

  • All Waste Materials will be deposited in the Container designated and supplied by the Town for Waste Materials but limited to the capacity of the Container with the lid closed.

Collection, Location, Storage and Scheduling

  • The collection location of the cart shall be the front street and curbside where lane access is not available
  • Place the cart at the front of the premises immediately adjacent to the curb and/or sidewalk, but not to exceed 1.50 meters from the property line
  • Where lane pickup is available, the cart shall be located at the rear of the property within 1.50 meters from the property line
  • Carts must be a least 1.0 meter from everything around it
  • Place in back lane or at front curb by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day
  • Place your cart so that there is at least 1 metre (3 ft) of space between your carts and other objects (e.g. parked cars, power poles, utility boxes)
  • Leave 3 meters (10 ft) of space above the carts.  If carts are placed underneath a tree or power line they cannot be collected safely
  • Place your cart so the arrow on the lid points toward the street/alley
  • Please remove your carts from the roadway by 9:00 pm on collection day
  • Ensure the lid on the waste cart is fully closed.