Why is cannabis production important in Drayton Valley

Your Town Council has taken steps to ensure Bylaws are in place to allow local entrepreneurs as well as investors to take advantage of the new and emerging opportunities in the cannabis industry.  The cannabis industry will have a significant impact to Drayton Valley’s economy.


  • New facilities = jobs
  • People/families bringing in an income will contribute to the local economy
    People tend to scale back on ‘nice to have’ items when money is tight such as eating out, visiting the salon or spending money on their hobbies; as the economy changes so will people’s willingness to spend more money



  • Economic Diversification
    This new industry will support existing industries by providing jobs during times of economic downturn or as an opportunity for families to have a second income
  • Job creation and economic stability will lead to confidence in the local economy
    As consumer confidence rises, so will investment opportunities in one of the local industries