What requires a permit?

Below are projects that require Development and/or Building Permits. Please look over this list to check to see if the project you are wishing to build requires either or both of these permits. If your project is not listed, please contact the Planning and Development Department at (780) 514-2200.

Type of Project Development Permit required Building Permit required
New residential structure (ie. House, duplex, threeplex, fourplex, modular home, mobile home),
addition, basement suite
Yes Yes
Basement Development (finishing) n/a Yes
Detached Garage or Carport Yes Yes
Deck under 1 foot above grade level n/a n/a
Deck 1 foot + above grade level Yes Yes (when above 2 feet)
Shed, greenhouse, storage building, playhouse under 110 sq ft n/a n/a
Shed, greenhouse, storage building, playhouse 110 sq ft + Yes Yes
Commercial & Industrial Buildings, residential structures greater than a fourplex Yes Yes
Temporary Signage (banner, sandwich board, portable) Yes n/a
Signage (fascia, awning/canopy, projecting, inflatable, roof, freestanding, or billboard) Yes Yes
Wood Burning Unit n/a Yes
Lot Grading, stripping of topsoil Yes n/a
Landscaping n/a n/a
Building Renovations (cosmetic and no structural) n/a n/a
Demolition and moving of buildings Yes Yes