How do I get ready for the Clean Up?

  • All items are to be ready by 8am on your scheduled day of collection.
  • Tree branches & renovation materials should be tied in bundles not exceeding 3-4 ft in length and 2ft in any other dimension.
  • Maximum pick up per household is limited to 500 kilograms (1/2 Ton Truck/Bucket Load)
  • Residents with large items such as appliances, furniture, computers and televisions (requiring more than 1 person to collect) should call the Town Office prior to your scheduled collection day to arrange for pick-up.
  • FRIDGES & FREEZERS must have Freon removed and be tagged by a plumber PRIOR to pick-up.

Arrangements can be made for the Town to remove Freon for you.  A $60.00 fee will need to be paid at the Town Office prior to your scheduled day of collection.

  • TV and Computers (Please separate from other items) will be picked up and recycled
  • Household Hazardous Waste or Commercial Waste will NOT be collected
  • DO NOT INCLUDE recyclable material (ex. Paper, cardboard, cans, plastic and glass) Place these items in your blue bags for regular collection.
  • Tires, propane bottles, cylinders, or batteries will NOT be collected (please bring these items to the recycle area at the Aspen Waste Management Facility (landfill))
  • DO NOT INCLUDE useable furniture (please bring it to the “Take it or Leave it Centre” at the Aspen Waste Management Facility (landfill)
  • NO items with fuel driven motors unless oil/fuel are removed
  • NO concrete
  • Excess material left behind will be tagged to be removed by homeowner by date specified
Household Hazardous Wastes such as paints, used oil, antifreeze and chemicals can be dropped off at the Aspen Waste Management Facility during regular operating hours, subject to user fees posted.

Commercial Waste is NOT accepted and there is NO paint exchange.


Tel. 780.542.5919

Regular hours of operation:  Mon-Sat 9 am to 5 pm.  Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm.

Waste materials delivered to Aspen are subject to user fees as posted.