What are the requirements for owners of cannabis stores/facilities

Health Canada requires applicants to undergo extensive security clearances:

Each individual requiring a security clearance must submit a Security Clearance Application in the CTLS with the following information:

  • Biographical information: Including name, date of birth, preferred official language, location of birth, birth certificate number and issuing province or territory, and descriptors such as eye and hair colour, weight and height. A valid piece of photo identification issued by the government (Canada or province or territory) or a copy of the passport with the passport number, country, expiry date and photograph must also be provided.
  • Criminal charges and convictions: The applicant must obtain a criminal record check and include information about past criminal charges and convictions in the application.
  • Residential addresses: Must be included for the past five years, prior to the time of application.
  • Employment, education and unemployment history: Must be included for the past five years, prior to the time of application.
  • Marital status: Must include details of current and any previous spouses or common-law partners over the last five years.
  • Time spent outside of country of residence: The applicant must provide the dates, destination and purpose of travel for any travel exceeding 90 days in the past five years.
  • Signed consent:  As part of this application, a consent and certification form must be uploaded with a signature by the individual. Refer to Appendix K: Security Clearance – Consent and Certification Form.
  • Submission: The applicant must attest that the information, including supporting documents, in the application is true prior to submission.