Do cannabis production facilities have a higher risk for fires?

A standard condition for all Development Permits now issued by the Town for any commercial, industrial, institutional (government buildings, religious assemblies, etc.) or multi-residential uses is that proper fire inspections are carried out and passed. The hydroponics required for cannabis cultivation/production, especially when done at a large-scale can be a fire hazard. Proper installation of equipment, including but not limited to heat lamps, proper storage of fertilizers and proper installation of the electrical system will be addressed through the required safety codes inspections (electrical, fire, structural, mechanical), as governed by the Alberta Building Code and Alberta Fire Code.

The Drayton Valley/Brazeau Fire Department has completed the required fire training leading up to legalization in 2018 to prepare for an emergency event at a Cannabis Production Facility if one were to happen.

The Fire Department has the required equipment and capacity to fight a fire at this kind of facility if needed. The facility would also be equipped with the required fire suppression measures such as sprinklers to ensure as much as possible that a fire does not happen in the first place. However the Fire Department has the necessary training and capacity to effectively respond if needed.